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mobile numerology


Why Mobile Numerology?

Since ages, the science of Numerology has proved that Numbers do have an impact on our lives. The numbers that we use more in day to day lives are the ones having current influence on our life. Your mobile number is one such number which is used widely – in fact more than your date of birth or car / house / passport / Psychic / Destiny number!

We spend hours and sometimes days on buying a new mobile phone.  But have you ever thought for a moment before buying a new mobile number?

A mobile number is not only a means to connect with you, but also an indicator of how your life is governed by presence or absence of certain numbers. In less than 6 hours, you can learn how to select best mobile number for self and make an alternative income by suggesting others to choose the right mobile number for themselves.


46+ number positions to avoid health issues & live a healthy life


23+ Number positions to improve your finances & clear blocks


19+ Number positions to avoid bitterness in your relationships


46+ number positions for success with ease in specific careers

Areas in which you can apply Mobile Numerology


General good health, For health improvement, Good memory, freedom from prolonged illness, baby conception issues, Safe Delivery, Depression after pregnancy, Stomach / digestion issues, Intestinal issues, General negativity in life / tendency of getting into depressive states quite often, Depression, Blood Pressure, bronchitis, Lungs issues, Cold or cough issues in children, Tonsils, TB, Chest pain, Throat issues, Nervous issues, Skin, Allergy, Teeth & Ear issues, Kidney, Kidney stone, Under-eye circles, Breathing issues, Pimples, Throat infection, Low Hemoglobin, Cholesterol issues, Possibility of Heart attack, Veins, Paralysis, Body pain, Bones, Backache, Mental issues, Sciatica, Body shaking, Arthritis, Eyes related issues, Legs related issues, Less memory, sugar, Accident prone number combo, suicidal tendencies, Numbers to avoid demonic possessions,


Increase Saving, Stable income,Wealth / Gains, Ancestral Wealth, Things don’t move smoothly in life, Completion of work (for those who have breaks in work), Continuous failures / losses in Business, Cycle of repeated unfavorable circumstances in life, difficulty in accumulation of wealth, financial irregularities, Increasing Debts, Health issues & no finance, unable to save money, to buy a Property – house / office / factory, General positivity in Life, Debts and depression, Property investments, Win a Divorce case, Control spending, avoid health issues for self & spouse, Near future property sale / purchase, Bandhan Yog – court cases / continuous visits to hospitals, numbers to avoid hardships & struggles in life, numbers which brings you to same position in life again and again, numbers which may bring instability in life, Numbers to avoid / get rid of vices,


To have a happy married life, Kids & relationship with kids, Marriage & romantic relationships, Marital / compatibility related issues, Delayed marriage / break-ups in early age, Possibility of more than 1 marriage, Feeling dependent / unable to take decisions for self, Romance & love life, Marital Life, Possibility of Divorce, Possibility of extra marital affair, Issues within in Laws family, Late marriage / no marriage, Your / life partners health after marriage, Trust or betrayal issues, Remarriage after divorce, Avoid disputed marriage,


Clarity in career, Confidence, Stability in job, Decision Making, Feeling dependent / unable to take decisions for self, Partnerships, Public Relations, Art / Creativity, Media, Advertising, Creativity, Real Estate, Hotels, Writers, Social Media, Gynecologist, Bone Specialist, Studies, Singing, Modelling, Surgeon or a Doctor, Petroleum related work, Education, Jewelry, Filmmaker, Diamond Traders, Oil related business, Trading Business, Career in Medical or Computer , Steel & Hardware, Agricultural work, Politics, Government Job, Clothing, Transport, Furniture Business, Photography, Engineering, Frequent job changes and marital issues due to finance, Banking related exams or jobs, Astrologers, Numerologists, Psychic, Tarot, Akashik Readers, Singers, Paintings or Art related Business or career, Police, Good connection with Govt people, Working in finance sector – insurance, stocks, banking, Get favors from Govt , loan processing, Big tenders approval,

What you will learn:

  • Characteristics of numbers based on their shapes and ruling planets,
  • Keywords for easy identification of number qualities,
  • Lo-Shu Grid
  • Pythagorean Numeroscope
  • Arrows of Pythagoras & its application in Lo-Shu & Numeroscope,
  • Meaning of repeated Numbers,
  • 12 Houses of Astrology and their significance, ruling planets & body parts
  • Meaning of 10 positions in a mobile number
  • Mobile Numerology in Job / Business,
  • Mobile Numerology for Marriage / Relationships
  • Mobile Numerology for Health / Children / Conception
  • Some recommendations and facts
  • IMP Things to remember
  • 26 types of Number Yogas in Mobile Numerology
  • Practical Application of Mobile Numerology

Community Learning

Get advantage of Community Learning by collaborating with your fellow participants and working practically on assignments! This will ensure that to learn to the core and also get introduced to the different ways of thinking and application of Numerology.


Get introduced to view points and thought process of people from various countries, age groups, nationalities and also past students.

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1. Can Numerology change my life completely?

Numerology can improve your life situations but saying that it can erase all your challenges or make you a millionaire would be unrealistic.

However, if you apply the principle of compounding, you will realize that the shifts you get in life after application of numerology have contributed not less than a million in your health, wealth and relationships sector in long term.

Can Mobile Numerology also be applied to Landline numbers?

Yes, most of the principles remain the same. However, the reading for number positions will be different.

What support I get after the workshop?

You will be added to a permanent Telegram group created for the workshop participants. After completion of the course, we will share with you guidelines for posting queries and timings for which the group will remain open on particular days.

If you seek immediate solution to queries or you think that you are a slow than average learner, we suggest you invest in Standard or Premium Access for the course. You will have the access to recordings for 6 months, during which you can revise the course as many times as you want.

What is the difference between recording access in Standard and Premium package?

Standard package grants you access to the recording of the entire course for the period of 1 year after the date of completion of the main course. Premium package gives you access to the recordings for 5 years.

What is the next step after payment?

Please share the screenshot of the payment receipt over the email / whatsapp / telegram with us with

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You will receive an email from us confirming the payment along with

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After you accept and revert with the details asked, we will add you to the respective Telegram Group where all the future communications will be shared regarding the course.

How much results can I expect after application of Mobile Numerology?

The truth is, you will never know how much this works unless you do your own study on certain mobile numbers of people you know well or suggest new mobile numbers and track progress over time.

Additionally, please read our standard Terms of Use to understand how all or any of the workshops and services that we provide can help you.

You can always trust your own experience with the healing modalities or from the ones you know for making better choices.

We also provide you with testimonials of our clients on our website or social media pages, wherever possible, who have benefited from our services in order for you to make more informed decision.

However, the Terms of Use stand final over everything.