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How this course can benefit you?

1.Most comprehensive course on Numerology that you won’t find anywhere in the world! Covering important aspects of 4 major numerology methods used worldwide thereby making you a Numero-Scientist!

  • Chaldean
  • Pythagorean,
  • Vedic &
  • Chinese Numerology.

In addition to this, you also learn basics of Parashara Astrology which is knows as mother of all the Astrology methods.

2. Covering more than 108 aspects of Numerology to decipher

  • any person,
  • Money and Finances
  • Health & wellness
  • Marriage and Relationships
  • Career Guidance
  • Business Guidance in all spheres
  • Child Name
  • Favourable or unfavourable time for any event
  • Effect of car / house / mobile number on a person.
  • Predictive Numerology! You can even decide favourable time to do any activity up to an hour and even minutes. 
  • More than 350+ page detailed manual.

3. Learn the application of Astrology to arrive at dynamic reading for a persons personality and future predictions. We cover basics of Parashara Astrology, which is said to be the mother of all Astrology techniques.

4. Create a new revenue stream which can give you consistent clients.

5. The workshop is designed in such a way that the essence of the number is explained quite deeply yet in a simple manner. Thereby, you wouldn’t have to refer to the notes constantly to decipher the impact of the numbers in a person’s chart.

6. Thorough knowledge that you won’t find in any books or online.

7. Value for money – you will find course with less content than this at four times of the price and in lesser duration.

What is Astro - Numerology?

To put it simply, it is the science of numbers that helps each one of us in our daily life. One may wonder how that works.

Well, our date of birth, Life path number, Name, house number, mobile number, planetary positions, Zodiac sign, absence or presence of wealth indicator in Lo-Shu Grid, etc. are all numbers that are connected to us and influence our life. Astro – numerology provides a holistic view by combining Chaldean, Pythagorean, Vedic and Chinese numerology with Astrology.

It impacts our health, relationships, career, way of thinking and perceiving situations. It may even help us from breaking old patterns to create new and innovative ways to unleash our true potential.

All aspects of your Life


“Health is wealth” is not just a proverb but a fact. It has become even more relevant now to take care of one’s health due to the stressful lifestyle we are leading.
Astro – Numerology can be a really effective method in helping people cope with health issues by bringing favourable numbers in their life. With an in-depth understanding of Astro – Numerology, you will even be able to predict which health concerns might arise based on the individual’s Mahadasha and Numerology birth-chart. This would help in taking preventive measures accordingly.


“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” – Robert Morley
As true as that may be, it can also seem far-fetched and elusive. How many of us can say that we truly love ourselves, that we accept ourselves completely including our talents and our flaws.
What if there was a method of making our relationship with ourselves and our loved ones better? Astro-Numerology aims to do that through remedies that build stable and stronger relationships.


We all hope to become financially secure and provide our loved ones with all possible luxuries. This wish has become even more significant during the current Covid-19 crisis.
What if these were not just your wishes, but your reality? What if your financial blocks had a way of being resolved? There might be numbers in your birth chart that maybe helping or blocking your career growth. By bringing about a favourable frequency through simple and inexpensive remedies you can increase the chances of being wealthy and attract more abundance in your life.

What's new for you?

  • Unique suggestions on Signature that you won’t find anywhere else! As most Numerologists don’t know Signature designing thoroughly.
  • In-depth yet easy to remember understanding of the subject. You will learn to make accurate readings for Numeroscope without referring to notes again and again.
  • It helps healers of other modalities to understand and heal the clients holistically and help them in a much more effective manner.
  • 24 types of unique remedies to use Numerology at optimum in all aspects of life. These priceless remedies save your life from becoming a disaster without creating a dent in your pocket. Save your hard-earned money by doing these simple yet effective remedies that cost lesser than a pizza. These remedies are not inconvenient like doing Havan’s or wearing gemstones.
  • Excel workbook for automatic calculations. So that you don’t have to spend hours on calculations for predictive numerology.
  • 46 hours intense learning
  • 2 hours doubt clearing during each level. (15 minutes after each session)
  • 2 hours doubt clearing session after completion of each level
  • Option to keep the course recordings for up to 5 years. You can go through the recordings of the course as many times as you want.
  • 19 Divine Mantras to bring happiness in all areas of your life.
  • 11 Divine Yantras to help you balance the negative influences & accelerate manifestations.
  • This workshop is designed in a way that it equips an individual to consult clients confidently and provide them with in-depth analysis.
  • This workshop will enable you to understand the interconnection and impact of numbers in our past, present and future.

Things You Will Learn

Practical Application

Know WHERE & HOW to apply Numerology. How do the remedies work. Most people who learn or consult from a Numerologist are misguided about these things.

Easy Keywords

More than 100 keywords for numbers - making it easy to relate complex learning in easiest ways. No need to go through long paragraphs each time.

Graphological View

Core understanding of numbers, their shapes from Graphology point of view.

Dasa system of prediction

It gives more unique and accurate predictions then any other method of numerology.

Post Workshop Recording Access on
Mobile, Tab, Computer & Comprehensive Notes

Best Numerology Course in the World

Community Learning

Get advantage of Community Learning by collaborating with your fellow participants and working practically on assignments! This will ensure that you learn to the core and also get introduced to the different ways of thinking and application of Numerology.


Get introduced to the viewpoints and thought process of people from various countries, age groups, nationalities, and also past students.


1. Pythagorean Arrows table
2. Lo-Shu Arrows table
3. KUA Number directions table
4. Number planets & elements table
5. Elemental compatibility table
6. Table of number roles in the Kings cabinet
7. Psychic Number details chart
8. Relationships & characteristics of Numbers table
9. 108 Astro-Numero Numbers table
10. Lo-Shu Grid remedies table
11. Pinnacle Numbers table
12. Transit cycles of Planets in Month & days table
13. Value of days table
14. Transit cycles of Planets in a Month table
15. Hourly Number readings chart
16. Minute wise readings chart
17. Month, ruling planets & affinity chart
18. Pythagorean Letter conversion chart
19. Personality, Soul & Expression number working chart
20. Plane of expression chart 1
21. Plane of expression chart 2
22. Katapayadi system chart
23. Chaldean Numerology Chart
24. Name numbers rating chart
25. Elemental classification of zodiac signs and planets
26. Triplicity ruler ship
27. Mahadashas Period Chart
28. 100 Chinese years start & end dates chart
29. Career suggestion as per birth element (65 career options)
30. Friendly, Neutral & enemy table
31. Yogakaraka / Maraka / Neutral & Malefic planets chart for 12 Ascendants
32. % strength of 7 planets
33. Planetary Aspects
34. Master Astro Chart for 12 zodiac sign qualities
35. Mahadasha Periods chart for 9 planets (Main Periods)
36. Antardasha Periods chart for 9 planets (Sub period)
37. Pratyantar Dasha Period charts for 9 planets (Sub-Sub periods)

Level 1 Contents

  1. Introduction to Numerology
  2. Number characteristics as per their shapes
  3. Role of Numbers in our life
  4. A logical perspective about Name Correction
  5. Psychic Numbers aka Driver Number
  6. Description of Psychic Number 1 to 9
  7. Compound Numbers dates as Psychic Number
  8. Description of Birth dates 1 to 31
  9. Compatibility of Psychic Numbers
  10. Compatibility of 81 combinations of Psychic Numbers
  11. Remedies of Mantra, Yantra, Colour and Meditation (Remedy 1-3)
  12. Destiny Numbers
  13. Description of Destiny Number 1 to 9
  14. Master Destiny Numbers 11, 22, 33
  15. Numeroscope i.e. Numerology Birth Chart
  16. Arrows of Pythagoras
  17. Pythagorean Arrows Chart
  18. Feng Shui KUA Number
  19. Different methods to calculate the KUA Number
  20. Selecting directions as per KUA Number (Remedy 4)
  21. Pythagorean Numerology Chart
  22. Personality Number
  23. Soul Urge / Hearts Desire / Ambition Number
  24. Expression Number
  25. Plane of Expression
  26. Characteristics of Number 1 to 9
  27. Chart of Numbers, their governing planets and elements
  28. Chart of Important aspects of all Numbers
  29. Remedy to Fill Up the Missing Numbers in DOB (Remedy 5)
  30.  Chart of Numbers, their roles and brief description
  31. Sample Birth dates for your practice
  32. Links to Video recording of the course (if applicable)
Pay in ₹ 15,999/-


Pay $272

Level 2 Contents

  1. 108 types of Astro-Numero Numbers
  2. Suggested remedies of Yogasanas / Pranayamas as per Astro-Number (Remedy 6)
  3. Role of Destiny Number
  4. Journey of Numbers
  5. Lo- Shu Grid
  6. Remembering Lo-Shu Grid easily & Permanently
  7. Lo-Shu Grid remedies (Remedy 7)
  8. Yogas in Numerology
  9. Revisiting the Arrows / Yogas in Numerology
  10. Interpreting Numbers Present in the Chart
  11. Missing Numbers in the Birth Chart
  12. What does your Month of Birth means
  13. Remedies as per your month of Birth (Remedy 8)
  14. Compatibility as per Month of birth (Remedy 9)
  15. Cornerstone i.e. First Letter of Your Name
  16. Katapayadi System of Name analysis (Remedy 10)
  17. Comprehensive Katapayadi System Chart
  18. Name / Karmic Compound Number (Remedy 11)
  19. Readings for Name Number 1 to 52
  20. Name Numbers Rating Chart – Best, 2nd Best, Indifferent, Worst
  21. Uplift your name – Exercise for name and Signature (Remedy 12)
  22. Projecting into The Future
  23. Pinnacle Number
  24. Personal Year
  25. Personal Month
  26. Personal Day
  27. Hourly and Minute-wise Reading
  28. Finding an Auspicious Time (Remedy 13)
  29. Probable Year of Wedding
  30. Possibility of Late / No Marriage
  31. Wealth Yoga Indicators for the year
  32. Tracking Down Lost Items
  33. Pyramid System for Finding Answers
  34. Thought Reading
  35. Preconditions using Lo-Shu Grid
  36. Advanced yet Simple Numerology Techniques
  37. Links to Video Recording of the Course (if applicable)

Level 3 Contents

  1. Five Elements Theory – Indian & Lo Shu 
  2. Elementary Relations
  3. Five Elements Cycle – Indian & Lo Shu
  4. Colours as per 5 elements – Lo-Shu (Remedy 14)
  5. Birth Element Characteristics & Personality Traits
  6. Colours for decorating your house as per Birth element (Remedy 15)
  7. Selection of Profession as per Birth Element (Remedy 16)
  8. Research on Company Logo Colours (Remedy 17)
  9. Astrology – An Introduction
  10. Basics of Astrology – Varnas, Aims of Life, 3 Gunas
  11. Zodiac signs and their qualities
  12. Elements, Ruling Numbers & Planets
  13. Best and Worst Horoscope House for Numbers
  14. Yogakaraka & Maraka Planets
  15. Planet Degrees – Exaltation, Debilitation, Own,
  16. Planetary Aspects
  17. Numerical Ascendant / Lagna
  18. Characteristics of 12 Houses
  19. Principle of Negation & its application
  20. Principle of Badhaka i.e. cause of suffering
  21. Principle of House to House or Position to Position
  22. Destructive / Killer Principle
  23. Principle of Squares & Trines & Benefice Par Excellence
  24. Number of Value
  25. Formula for Deciding Benefice / Malefic effects
  26. Viparit Raj Yoga i.e. Blessing in disguise
  27. Vishmottari Dasha Introduction
  28. Mahadhasha Interpretation
  29. Antardasha & Pratyantar Dasha Interpretation
  30. General Effects of Mahadashas of each Planet
  31. Numerology application in Business (Remedy 18)
  32. Numerology application in Health (Remedy 19)
  33. Numerology application in Immovable Property (Remedy 20)
  34. Numerology in buying Vehicles (Remedy 21)
  35. Compatibility Matching (Remedy 22)
  36. Software for Astrology
  37. Business Card as per Numerology (Remedy 23)
  38. Human Anatomy / Kaal Purusha as per the Zodiac
  39. Balance Period of Dasha at the time of Birth
  40. Prediction using Astro-Numerology
  41. Signature Recommendations (Remedy 24)
  42. Important Charts and Tables
  43. Links to Video Recordings (if applicable)
  44. Numerology Report Types
  45. Consultation session with the client
  46. Excel workbook for Automatic Calculations (if applicable)

Online Learning

Learn from the comfort of your home via ZOOM video conferencing app / Google meet. You also have an option to get 5 years access to video recordings for unlimited number of views.

Join all 3 Levels at a Special Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. Choose from one of our three plans

  1. Speed Learning (complete the course within 45 days in live online mode)
  2. Comfortable Learning (4 sessions each month for 11 months, pay in easy EMI)
  3. Pre-recorded Course videos (only at INR 33,999/-. Contact us for details)

Speed Learning Mode (45 days)

Learn the entire course in 45 days.

One and a half-hour session daily with a gap of 5 days for each level.

India, US, & UAE festival days will be off.

Speed Learning (complete the course within 45 days)

Total Value = ₹1,55,993/-
Now At
₹ 73,999/-

√ Includes Level 1, 2 & 3 (₹73,999/-)

Access to Course Recordings (₹33,999/-)

√ Access to Private Telegram Group (₹ 9,999/-)

√ Post-workshop support session after each level (₹18,000/-)

√ E Certificate

√ 300 pages+ PDF Notes

√ Practice Session (₹9,999/-)

√ Automated Excel Workbook (₹9,999/-)

You Save ₹ 81994/-
Pay in ₹


Pay $1299

I’ve been practicing Numerology since 20+ years but still found immense value and learning in Sushant’s course. The explanations were more in-depth then the books I’ve read or online courses attended.

-Vaani Jaisingh, practicing Numerologist since 20+ years.

Comfortable Learning (4 sessions in a month)

Learn the entire course in Comfortable Learning mode - 4 sessions per month on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) and pay per month INR 3,333/- OR $50 for 11 months. You get all the benefits of Standard Access mentioned above.

Pay in INR


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1. Can Numerology change my life completely and make my problems disappear instantly?

Numerology can improve your life situations but saying that it can erase all your challenges or make you a millionaire would be unrealistic.

However, if you apply the principle of compounding, you will realize that the shifts you get in life after the application of numerology have contributed not less than a million in your health, wealth, and relationships sector in long term.

Astro- Numerology is a science that equips individuals to understand the way in which numbers and planets can have an impact on their life. By achieving an in-depth understanding, this knowledge can be used to bring about a better future.

Just the way a person with vision issues wears spectacles for achieving clarity, Astro-Numerology provides an individual with the support to make their life better by synchronizing it with their date of birth.

2. In which areas of life Numerology can be applied?

There is no limit to the application of Numerology. As everything in the world can be measured or expressed in Numbers – we can apply Numerology to almost every aspect of life.

It purely depends on the practitioner’s experience and knowledge in which areas he chooses to apply Numerology.

3. What support I get during and after the workshop?

  1. You will be added to a temporary Telegram group created for the workshop participants. Which will act as a platform for all the announcements during the course period.
  2. After each session, a minimum of 10% of the session time will be extended to an entire group of students to ask and clarify their doubts. For e.g. If a session is for 2 hours, then we will further give you 20 minutes for doubt clearing after each session.
  3. After completion of each level, we will offer a two-hour group doubt clearing session.
  4. You will also be added to a group for course participants where you can take advantage of Community Learning & clarify your doubts with fellow participants on the go as well along with support from the facilitator.
  5. Once the course is complete, we will share with you guidelines for posting queries and timings for which the main Telegram group will remain open on particular days.
  6. Once we have reached the stage where the entire course including doubt clearing sessions is complete, we will share with you timings on which you can call us and clarify any doubts.
  7. If you seek an immediate solution to queries or you think that you are slower than the average learner, we suggest you go through the recordings thoroughly. You will have the access to recordings for 2 years / 5 years, during which you can go through the recordings as many times as you want.

We are well renowned for our support, however, due to the increasing count of students, we chose to implement standard processes for a better experience for all the users. Hence, we request you not to call right away or drop us an SMS / WhatsApp / email for queries.  These mediums take more than the necessary time to resolve the queries. And result in the entire group being deprived of the advantage to gain clarity from others’ questions.

Hence we request you to accept and implement the above protocol for a better experience for yourself as well as all the fellow participants.

As we get more than 100+ messages or calls daily asking for healing or course inquiries, it’s not feasible for us to attend to each message or call. We again suggest you follow the above-mentioned process to clarify your doubts if any related to the course.

4. For how long I will have access to course recordings?

All modes of the course gives you access to the recordings for 5 years with unlimited views.

5.What is the next step after I have made the payment?

Please share the screenshot of the payment receipt over the email / WhatsApp / telegram with us with

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Email id
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Country of residence

You will receive an email from us confirming the payment along with

1. Code of ethics and

2. Code of conduct

to be followed in all the communications with us & fellow attendees of the course, whether directly or on the shared platforms (Telegram Group / Whats App  / FB / Email / Video Conferencing) including all the other ways and means of communication existing in the present or may arise in future.

After you accept and revert with the details asked, we will add you to the respective Telegram Group where all the future communications will be shared regarding the course.

6.How much results I can expect after application of Numerology in my life?

The truth is, you will never know how much this works unless you do your own study on the people you know well or suggest remedies to others and track progress over time.

Additionally, please read our standard Terms of Use to understand how all or any of the workshops and services that we provide can help you.

You can always trust your own experience with the healing modalities or from the ones you know for making better choices.

We also provide you with testimonials of our clients on our website or social media pages, wherever possible, who have benefited from our services in order for you to make a more informed decision.

However, the Terms of Use stand final over everything.

7. Is it necessary to change the name on official documents like Passport, Driver’s license, etc?

No. It is advisable to change the spelling on all documents to avoid any conflict in vibration. However, it is not essential to alter the name on official documents for benefiting from Astro-Numerological remedies. During the workshop we will be teaching how to obtain benefits of a harmonious name without changing it in the official documents.

8. Are Astro - Numerological remedies expensive?

There are more than 20 remedies that will be taught during the workshop that are simple yet effective and cost less than what one would spend on a pizza.

9. What is the difference between changing a name through Astro-Numerology techniques and the various other software’s available online?

There are many software’s available online that can provide spelling changes. However, they tend to miss out on many aspects that impact a person while changing the name. There can be adverse effects if a name is changed without considering the Astro-numerological chart and the issues the individual might be facing. Our Astro-numerology workshop gives a holistic view by combining Numerology, Astrology and Graphology. Hence, the impact is of greater significance.

10. Will I be able to consult professionally after doing the Astro – Numerology workshop?

Yes. This workshop provides an in-depth understanding of Astro-Numerology along with more than 20 remedies including name change, signature change, lucky colours, lucky directions, lucky numbers, mantra, etc. These remedies and the comprehensive knowledge of numbers will equip you to consult professionally as an Astro-Numerologist.