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yogmaya and saropa

Yogmaya and Saropa

Yogmaya is a combination of all deities and guru’s energy or can say 84 crores of brain cells or universal (9 planets and 5 elements energy). According to mythology Yogmaya is called “Devi”.


It’s a very simple meditation process to get freedom from sorrows and diseases BY ESTABLISHING GREATER BALANCE AND CONTROL OVER SELF. It is a high frequency gaining process to gain success in spiritualism and self awareness.

The potential energy that is invisible is eternal light while the kinetic energy is referred to as Maya. This is the lord’s force of action. The two cannot be separated. Maya is the extraordinary, supernatural and mystic power of God. It is also the mother to Mother Nature. It is also synonymous with illusory, unreal or an image of reality that is deceptive.

Maya makes people to view the universe as being different from the Supreme being while the force of life goes on.  Yogmaya which is also referred to as sister of Lord Krishna in many ancient scriptures that many use in healing on a deeper spiritual level to bring significant change in the way you live.

It is a way of having access into astral science powers and spiritualism successfully. But the journey is more self travelled.


‘Saropa’ is a laser beam technique. In this technique with the use of pencil, ball & chips of quartz crystal, paper napkin, combing grid, special type of stones and some mantras we can get better results in relief from chronic diseases. It is very useful for bone disease.


NOTE: Healing techniques aren’t substitutes for medical treatments..


It’s a very simple meditation process with just one symbol to amplify your spiritual awareness and powers. Which may help in discharging karmas, sorrows & diseases effortlessly.

Note: For Saropa, complete content is not available anywhere. Those claiming to be a direct disciple of Saini ji are teaching the misleading techniques. We have learnt these but as we didn’t see any results. After mixed information from multiple (and credible) sources, we chose to teach only that which gives result.


Workshop Contents

  1. Introduction of Yogmaya
  2. History
  3. Meditation to feel the power, showered by the saints and sages
  4. Powerful initiation.
  5. Attenuation (Diksha)
  6. Introduction to Saropa
  7. Techniques to use and heal with Saropa

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₹ 37,999/-
1 day in-person attunement
70+ hours course recording access
*Attunement has to be in person only. So foreign students may not register for this.
*Eligibility: Lama Fera / Humkara with Haleem Healers
(To align your body and aura to receive Yogmaya’s energy, it’s suggested to do self-healing with Lama Fera/Humkara with Haleem first)
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