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Tarot Reading Class

This comprehensive and exciting Tarot Course will teach you everything that you need to know to be able to interpret Tarot Cards and to be able to give detailed readings.

The content of this course is divided into two sections. This is to enable you to begin reading the cards immediately. While you are working through the first section, do the exercises that appear by referring to the second section for brief interpretations of each card when you need to.

Once you have completed the first section, study the detailed interpretations of each card.

There are tests throughout the course to test your knowledge and understanding of the cards and assessment questions at the end of each course chapter for better comprehension.

The best way to learn tarot is to practice giving as many readings as you can to as many people as possible. You might want to do readings only for yourself initially. When you feel confident enough, find a friend who is willing to let you practice on them. Don’t worry if you need to look up the meanings of the cards for some time to come. With experience, you will find that you begin to remember their meanings. However, the real skill is in how you put the information together and describe it to the person you are reading for. The more you practice, the better you will become at this.

Course Contents

  1. How to cleanse, charge & attune to your Tarot deck so that your readings are accurate
    2. How to read Tarot intuitively
    3. Meanings of all 78 Tarot Cards – upright & reverse.
    4. Which card are you in the Tarot deck?
    5. How Tarot reading works?
    6. What is necessary before doing Tarot reading for the same questions again?
    7. “Code Languages” in Tarot cards – meaning of signs, symbols, pictures, animals, colors.
    8.How to interpret cards according to the situation?
    9. Different types of spreads – love, relationship, health, wealth, question, Yes or No etc
    10. How to create your own tarot spread?
    11. How to interpret the spread according to the situation?
    12. Tarot treatment & solutions
    13. Psychic Shielding for self before starting the Tarot reading.
    14. How to market yourself and be a renowned Tarot reader?
    All above and much more!

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. Choose from one of our three plans. EMI option available.

Materials Provided (Included in Fees):
1. PDF colourful notebook soft copy.
2. Printed notes (B & W), and Celtic spread colourful print.
3. Lifetime guidance in person and over the phone.
4. Invitation to future Tarot reading and understanding meetups for free.
5. Any new knowledge gained by me will be shared with no cost obligation in meetups.
6. Detecting health, wealth & relationship influences through Tarot Reading

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