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Shalvik Mantra Rahasya

The next milestone of every energy channel who wish to help humanity with the help of this Divinely guided energies.

SHALVIK MANTRA RAHASYA is a newly introduced astrological technique and one of the most powerful healing method, which was developed by Dr. S. K. Saini ji (Originator of LAMA FERA) in 1995. MAHARSHI SHALVIK did a deep research on this divinely guided 4, 50,000 Mantras which were created for all beings highest good. After much research, he converted them in graphic version, which means symbolic language for our easy use.

Out of the 450 symbols, Dr. S. K. Saini ji used 300 symbols only as he realised that the remaining 150 symbols were related to Tantra that anyone can use for negative purpose, and also replaced some more symbols with other Reiki systems symbols.

Key features (which very few masters teach)

A different Grid system other than Loshu Grid and How to place chosen 3 numbers in a Loshu Grid to know from where you can get help which Dr .S.K. Saini ji taught to very few Students

How to take number according to your birth time to place it in a Grid for prediction.

In healing you have to change RHYTHM & TONE 4 times to chant Mahamrityunjay Mantra which very few masters teach.

300 Symbols meanings in English and Hindi, guidance and knowledge on how to use them to find out the root causes.

In this healing system we use 300 symbols in 3 sets and each set has 100 symbols. This system can provide solutions to all the problems of every person who has taken birth on this earth. To use this system you need the date of birth and 3 numbers which are chosen by the receiver. Then the healer can easily find out the root cause of many issues which occur in our day to day life. The healer matches these numbers to the person to know which symbol vibrations are required to heal them and we use those symbols with Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with the help of Samput to heal the issues.

First day you will get the knowledge on how to find out the root cause of the requested issues with the help of the person’s date of birth and you will be taught how to find which elements are imbalanced in you or in the patient or in Vaastu and how to correct them as well as which career/field is best for you and others. You can even find out which planets are affecting you or the person and how to rectify Vaastu at an affordable cost.

On the 2nd day you will get Attunement, knowledge on how to do prediction and how to find root causes and how to heal a person live or at distance as well as the attunement process.

In this course the most important part is the Attunement procedure. To develop this capacity traditional Live Attunement is essential so that the Guru can transmit the power of Maha mantra through Shaktipat via your Third eye Chakra and in the Sun Fingers which are your ring Fingers.

Other key benefits of this modality are; removal of past karma effects, evil or adverse planetary effect and Vaastu rectification. Also eliminate all the obstacles from life, create a shield against negative energies, protection against witchcraft, black magic, etc. Assist to attract health, wealth, abundance in your life and helps to get freedom from all the diseases, pains, obstacles, sorrows to attain an ideal, peaceful and successful life.

The most important thing is that you can become a very good and knowledgeable healer by using this method of healing.

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₹ 45,999/-
Duration: 60 minutes
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