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Vaastu Dosha Clearing from Home / Office / Factory through Lama Fera

The charges depend on the size of the home / factory etc and number of walls in the same. Ideally to be done on full moon day only.

Lama Fera is very powerful healing modality by which any kind of negativity, black magic, spell, entities, Karmic blockages, critical illness, financial blockages can be removed.

Benefits of LAMA-FERA combined with Highest Frequency Healing© :
1. Vaastu healing of shop/ office / factory etc helps in financial growth.
2. Removes evil spirits / energies and purifies home, office, shop etc
3. Releases depression, fear in dreams, unknown fears, reduces adverse effect of Tantra / Mantra, before time death.
4. Releases negative energy from the atmosphere of house, shop and factory, protection in future at mental, physical and emotional level.
5. ONLY healing modality to heal i. Negative Energy, ii. Karmic blockages, iii. Animal Entities iv. Black Magic.

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. 

₹ 25,000/-
Duration: 1 day
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