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TRUE astrology

TRUE Astrology

4 Parts of Your Astrology Session


In this part, we will go through your Astro-Personality so that you get to know things which you may not have realized about yourself before!

Major Planets

We will interpret major planets in your Horoscope and what role they play. The strengths or weaknesses that they bring in your life.


We will go through the timelines of last few years and coming 15 or more years. You will get clarity how the life may unfold ahead.

Your Questions

You can message or email your questions in advance. Or ask it during the session.

Astrology explores the meaningful connection between mankind and the wider cosmos, the relationship between the movements of the planets and the inner world of human consciousness and motivation.

Please watch video (in Hindi) at the end of this page to know briefly about Astrology and what it can do for you. The video will remove many doubts and misconceptions about astrology held since years.

What you will get:

  • Detailed understanding of your birth chart and your detailed personality type out of 186 type of personalities.
  • Your Astronality i.e. Astro Personality in which key points will be mentioned in a line or two about what makes you happy and work at optimum in different roles, like – Boss, Lover, Spouse, Child, Parent, Colleague,
  • How the marriage will be for you (if unmarried)
  • What should be your stand in your marriage (if married already)
  • Timelines of your life (how your life will pass depending on the transits of the planets)
  • What you can do to manage your life in a much better way?
  • Ideal occupation for you
  • Which hobbies, if taken by you, will result in easing the negative impact of certain houses.
  • Any other questions that you have..

What you will NOT get:

  • Exact date / time / month of your marriage / job change or anything that you want to know. As future cannot be predicted with precision by any method.
  • Details about your future life partner. As Birth, Marriage and Death are Karmic, and your Free Will plays a big role here.
  • Solutions in the form of Gemstones to wear, Pujas to perform, Forced charities to give, etc. As we believe that you have to face your Karma, it’s unavoidable. What we can help you with is maturity to face it with comfort and ease.

Why you should take the Astrology consultation when there’s a little that can be changed?

  1. To know the life purpose clearly. Ideal career, profession and even hobbies. Plan your life and save from heartaches and unhappiness.
  2. Be prepared for what lies ahead – both good and bad.
  3. To know exactly where you are and where you will be going.
  4. To align yourself with realizations you’ve had so far and lead life peacefully.
  5. Maximize the possibilities.
  6. To accept oneself and be at peace. When you have clarity on who you are, how the life may unfold, you don’t need to keep fighting with your destiny.
  7. Being prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.
  8. To learn to live and co-exist with others without resistance.
  9. Choose your suffering – peacefully and with maturity.

All About Remedies

We will suggest you remedies in terms of right time to do or not to do certain things – for e.g. to start business soon or wait for some time? Marry at an ideal age or late? Foreign countries or native land? Business or job?

We do not suggest or sell remedies of Gemstones, Pujas, Hawans, Crystals etc.

Any remedy can work only when it is internalized.  And hence, we will only give those remedies which will be in the nature of things which you can inculcate in your daily life. These are suggested only if applicable, to tone down negative influences of certain houses and planetary placements.

In a nutshell, we do not suggest any remedies which require spending huge money or doing forced rituals / charity.

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. 

₹ 15,999/-


Duration: 90 minutes


Access to a recording of the session via YouTube private access.

Your astrology charts.

We do not provide any handwritten reports.

Pay ₹ 15,999/-