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World over, the number 1 area of concern that people have is in the area of interpersonal relationships. Be it intimate love partner relationship, parent-child relationship, boss-subordinate relationship or even peer to peer relationship – many lives are struggling with it.

This relationship framework is generic enough to be used with any relationship.

Just take a look at the following 3 areas for what people go through in the area of relationships and this is just 3 situational examples…

Intimate Relations

Too many relationships end in heartbreak or even emotional & physical abuse. And I suspect an equal number of relationships that could have been great are not given any chance because either or both of the potential partners self predicted the failure even before they began. Love & relationships has been an area where almost everyone is plagued with questions like:

Who will be the right person for me?

Is my potential partner right for me? Will we have a great future? Will this relationship work?

Even though there’s nothing wrong, why aren’t things great? Why does it feel as if something is missing from the relationship? Why is there no passion in the relationship?

Things aren’t working. Why aren’t they working? Should I continue in this relationship or not? Whose fault is it? What wrong did I do? Why am I suffering in this relationship? Why can’t I make it work?

Why Do Relationships Not Work? What Makes An Intimate Relationship Great?

Parent-Child Relations

Whether you are a parent or a child to your parents, you know how challenging it can be to deal with your child/parent and you might have asked yourself one or more of these questions:

Why won’t my child/parent trust me?

Why does every discussion with my child/parent have to be such a struggle?
(If you are a parent to a teenager) How did my child turn into this monster?

Why won’t my child/parent understand me?

Why can’t my child/parent see that all I want is the best for them?

Employee Relationship

How much does it cost an organization when two high performing/high potential employees cannot get along?

Organizations often find themselves in predicament where 2 high performing, high potential employees do not get along with each other. It could be a boss-subordinate relationship or a peer to peer relationship. Far too much is spent on making things work and in most cases, the inevitable outcome is – either one or the other employee leaves the organization.

As a Relationship Coach, I can help you to find answers to all these questions.
As an Employee Relationship Coach, I can help organizations build stronger, robust and cohesive working relationships between individuals.

The Relationship Coaching can be availed by-

Intimate Relationships

  1. Singles intending to enter into an intimate relationship
  2. People with an identified significant other with whom they would like to begin an intimate relationship
  3. Couples who have recently formed an intimate relationship
  4. Couples who have already been in intimate relationship for quite some time
  5. Couples undergoing strife in their intimate relationship
  6. Couples who seek to re-ignite the passion in their intimate relationship

Employee Relationships

  1. Boss-Subordinate
  2. Peer-to-Peer
  3. Intra & Inter departmental
  4. Employees in conflict with each other
  5. First time managers
  6. Managers facing challenges with delegation

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