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Ramal shastra


History of Ramala Shastra

A primitive tale goes, upon questioning by Goddess Parvati regarding Prashna Jyotish, the Moon on the head of Lord Shiva drops four drops of Amrit or Devine Nectar. Furthermore, the four drops become a representation of four primordial compounds that are Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Later, these four drops take the form of sixteen figures (four in each group). The fifth compound doesn’t play a role in getting an insight into the future.

Besides being a secret Hindu Jyotish, this old testament has been a part of Arabic culture earlier. Later, it appeared again with Muslims in India. Ramal Jyotish has its wings in warm countries like Iran and Arabs. It is one of the major reasons behind old Arabic and Persian text in the books of Ramal Vidya.

Furthermore, with the passing of time, the wisdom about this insightful practice developed across the population. Hence, past its extinction after Dwapar Yuga, it comes to the lands of India with learnings from Arabs and people who migrated to India from the Arabs and Iran.

– Ancient Tale of Ramal Vidya


The Hindu epic of Mahabharata, father of Pandavas, King Pandu has the wisdom of Ramal Shastra. Also, in the facts of Ancient Jyotish, this Vidya offers the privilege to the practitioner with the abilities to understand instincts, interpretation of omen and animals.


In the first century, this learning was propagated in Arabia and many priests of Yavana knew it and named it Yavnani Astrology. The known people of this scripture were also like Daniel and Lucman. Sikandars entourage Surkhab was also knowledgeable in this discipline.

What is Ramala Shastra?

Ramal Vidya is an art form of symbolic language that does not necessitate a native’s birth details and any other information about their life for future prediction. Nevertheless, it requires only a few minutes to summon a Ramal chart. With the help of Ramala Shastra, a person can find out the position of planets in their chart for the question asked, their movement, and their impact.

Future Predictions based on questions

In Ramal Vidya, predictions are made on the basis of questions. It does not require any horoscope, time of birth or date of birth. In this, the whole game is of dice / cards / numbers. Ramal Jyotishacharya throws dice / asks the querent to pick up cards / asks 4 numbers from the questioner as soon as the questions are asked. Various types of dots are made in dice which are called SHAKAL. The prediction is done according to the JAYCHA i.e. chart made based on the SHAKALS obtained in the dices.

Jaicha consists of 16 houses. According to Ramal Shastra, 16 types of forms are made from the dice. On the basis of the same, Ramalacharya follows the specific rules and gives correct answers to the questions and accurate indications of the future.


The result obtained by any method (dice / cards / numbers) are the same. There is never any difference in the answer received from them, but the mathematical situation may be completely different.


The Ramal may give answer in following ways:

1.Is it the right time to ask the question?

2.When the desired outcome will manifest?

3.Will the outcome be in favor of the questioner or not?

4.What should be the next step for the questioner?

5.Additional details about the question asked.

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