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Merlin Trinity

Merlin Trinity Healing

THE MERLIN TRINITY HEALING SYSTEM (MTHS) is a powerful method of healing based on the principle of unconditional love. It consists of various symbols. It works on all issues – from physical to mental to money blocks and enables you to change any situation to your advantage with Merlin energies.

What is The Merlin Trinity Healing System (MTHS)?

Merlin Trinity Healing System (MTHS) is an interestingly unique modality whose principle is based on unconditional love and functioning from the heart! It helps people release toxins of fears which hold them back for years.

MTHS consists of various symbols. The intention behind every symbol works wonders when used for healing. For instance, one symbol can erase procrastination and bring back creativity, while another can remove physical pain and emotional hurts.

People generally find it difficult to let go of hurts and hold on to relationships for years together which eventually show up as physical ailments. There are blocks and self-constructed speed breakers that bring in feelings of being stuck, failures, and unfulfilled life. MTHS gently removes all the blocks and barriers and brings in more clarity.

MTHS is also the modality that helps let go of all attachments, whether they are positive or negative, whether it is good karma or bad karma.

Benefits of The Merlin Trinity Healing System (MTHS)

◮ It works on all issues – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, business, money blocks, addictions, depression, anxiety, and so on
◮ Clears, cleanses, gives a new lease of life and brings paradigm shifts
◮ You can run the energies on yourself and clear yourself of any issues or situations that pop up in your life anytime. You can also heal your loved ones and clients professionally.
◮ Since distant healing works beautifully, it can be sent to any part of the world effectively
◮ Instantly change any situation to your advantage by getting attuned to the Merlin energies


Affordable Pricing

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₹ 2,100/-
Duration: 45 minutes
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