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handwriting and signature


Handwriting, also known as Brain Writing, is the photograph of one’s mind, which begins with a thought that is transmitted to the fingers. About 90% of work done is by the subconscious mind while only 10% of it is by one’s conscious mind and only 15% of the people use their conscious mind.

Graphology is the study of handwriting in order to evaluate and examine one’s behavior and personality. It is an analysis for those who want to know more about the people that they are dealing with, or whom they wish to hire or promote.

‘Graphotherapy’ is a process that involves changing one’s handwriting in order to get rid of a certain trait that blocks one’s growth, happiness or success.

Signature defines one’s self image as well as public image. A change in one’s signature changes one’s approach towards life and also allows the mind set to be modified accordingly. The signature can be changed as per an individual’s goal for life or by using numerology to synchronize the vibrations of the best number with one’s date of birth.


Areas which can be positively improved using Graphotherapy:

  1. Communication
  2. Spirituality & deeper connection with self
  3. Releasing past traumas and unwanted emotions
  4. Depression or anxiety
  5. Intuition
  6. Performance at workplace or in business
  7. Capacity to act on your goals with determination
  8. Anger, irritability and restlessness
  9. Balanced sexual drive
  10. Negative effects of planets in Astrology / Numbers in Numerology
  11. Negative effects of Vaastu doshas in your house
  12. Ability to maintain balanced state in bad times
  13. Getting out of negative state of mind quickly and regaining your balance
  14. Recurrence of health issues like Lungs infection, breathing, throat, diabetes, asthma, High or Low BP, obesity, weight gain and much more can be cured as well when mixed with other therapies like Astro-Bach Flower Remedies & medicines

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Support Duration: 6 – 8 months.

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