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geopathic stress

Geopathic Stress Consultation

In simplest terms, Geopathic stress is the study of earth energies and their effect on human well-being.

There are various types of earth energies. Some are very good for human health, and some are detrimental. In ancient times the fengshui masters and geomancers were familiar with the earth currents; they knew which sites to recommend for building, and which sites to avoid.
We have lost interest in this knowledge in modern times and are coming back to it now because there is an increase in the number of geopathic stress-related diseases.
Basically, various underground formations, such as subterranean water currents, specific mineral deposits, or different fault lines emit specific electromagnetic fields that can be harmful to a human dwelling. If you are just passing through an area with geopathic stress, there will be little or no concern. However, if your house is located in a geopathic stress area, you really need to understand what is happening and find appropriate solutions to protect your health.

How a Specific Earth Energy Can Weaken Human Health?

Imagine having a house right above the highway (the energy equivalent of a ley line), or above a rushing river (an underground water current). How does that feel? How does your body feel? We are talking about underground formations, so it might be hard to understand the relationship between invisible factors, but just because we cannot see it does not mean it’s not there!
The vibrations emitted by various earth energies do not cause a specific illness, but rather lower a person’s immunity to fight diseases. If your bed is placed above an underground water current, all your body can do is try hard to keep its basic balance all night long. It does not have enough energy left to focus on regenerating and replenishing itself.

How You Know If Your House Has Geopathic Stress

To find the answer to this question, you will inquire into the state of your house, as well as the state of your health. Usually, there are only 2 ways people come to inquire about geopathic stress—they either know for sure that there is a present of geopathic stress in their home and they are looking for solutions, or they are just curious to find out more about it.
If you have any repeated health concerns or emotional problems with family members—in other words, if there is an insistent presence of any unwanted energies in your family house—it’s best to check your house for geopathic stress. You can do that yourself with dowsing or you can find a professional dowser to help you.

Symptoms of Geopathic Stress
While geopathic stress does not cause illnesses directly, it may weaken the immune system which in turn weakens the body making it slower to heal and more susceptible to illnesses such as cancer.
Sleeping in a geopathic zone is particularly stressful. If you sleep on a spiral, where two Leylines of negative energy cross, for example, two underground rivers, not alone may it affect your sleep patterns by causing broken or restless sleep or nightmares, you may wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed. This is because the adrenal gland works overtime to compensate for the distorted earth radiation.
The brain also cannot relax into a deep sleep to repair and regenerate the body due to the high content of adrenalin in the blood. Over time, the fact that you sleep in this energy overnight, may lead to energy imbalance or long term illness.

Any of the following are believed to result from exposure to geopathic stress:
• Behavioural problems e.g. aggression, hyperactivity
• Emotional instability
• Sleeping disorders and restlessness
• Cancer, M.E. and M.S.
• Aches and pains e.g. headaches
• Back problems
• Infertility and cot deaths
• Asthma and allergies
• Depression
• Stress and nervousness
• Lack of concentration or memory loss
• Nausea
• Disorientation
• Exhaustion, fatigue or loss of strength
• Absenteeism at work due to sickness
• Not responding to medical treatment

Geopathic stress is the study of earth energies and their effect on human well-being.

There are various types of earth energies. Some are very good for human health, and some are detrimental.

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