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EFT & TFT Consultation

What To Expect

If you’ve never had an EFT session or seen one on a video, you may wonder what it’s all about. It’s not therapy; it’s not traditional body work, like massage or Reiki. Even if you’ve read the EFT manual, you may not have a clear picture of what a counseling session is like.

No session goes according to a blueprint. Each person comes to a session with his/her unique personality, outlook on life, and issues. Every counselor has a particular style and often favorite techniques. The interaction/synergy between the client and the counselor also produces unique results.

Sometimes an issue arises that becomes more crucial than whatever the client originally intended to work on. Sometimes problems that seemed huge dissolve without direct attention. These elements aren’t predictable at the beginning of the session; they are part of the magic of EFT.

I can tell you, however, certain things you can expect before, during, and after a consultation.

Before the Session

The first thing you can expect is material to prepare you for the session.

  1. A list describing the tapping points with illustrations.
  2. A questionnaire to get you focused on thinking about the issues you most want to address.
  3. Information with suggestions about how to make yourself comfortable during the session.
  4. A description of certain standard procedures.

During the Session

The most important thing I want to emphasize is:
EFT Is Designed to Reduce Pain, Not Increase It.

Often we are afraid to undergo the process of release because we think that process will be painful. We want to protect ourselves from the pain of the past, not realizing that the attempt to sidestep this pain keeps us from moving in the direction we want to follow in order to realize our dreams and experience happiness.

EFT isn’t about prolonged reliving of emotionally painful and traumatic events. It’s about brief reliving for the purpose of correcting the energetic imbalance that’s stimulating painful memories and emotions.

To use a physical example, if you have difficulty in raising your arm, we will tap for that problem. After a round or two of tapping, I will ask you to test for increased mobility. I will also instruct you that the moment you feel any pain, however slight, to stop moving your arm.

The same procedure is followed for emotional pain. We will approach core issues very slowly and carefully. I will urge you, when you feel even the slightest increase in emotional intensity around an issue, to tell me. That’s when we tap.

I’m not looking for brave clients who can handle a lot of pain. Your job is to be aware of your level of physical or emotional pain and let me know, so I can help you release it.


I will frequently ask you to evaluate your level of discomfort, pain, negative emotions on a scale of 0 to 10. This is an important part of EFT. It tells both of us the extent to which the intensity connected to an issue has been reduced.

10 represents the maximum intensity. 0 represents no intensity.

This scale method isn’t scientifically or mathematically exact. You come as close as you can to the appropriate number. The more you practice this, the more accurate you will be. The best part of this testing is that you would become more deeply attuned to your emotions. This will enable you in your own work with EFT to identify an energy blockage at a very early stage and handle it before it increases in intensity.

And if numbers don’t work for you, a number of other measuring techniques can be used.

After the Session

Following your EFT session, I will provide you with suggestions appropriate for your follow-up work. This will vary according to whether you decide to have one or more additional sessions or not. (This, by the way, is totally up to you. I may recommend, but I will never pressure.)

You will also have a choice of one of four questionnaires I have designed for follow-up work. These cover the areas of prosperity, love and relationships, health, and creativity. Each questionnaire has many questions covering different areas and stages of life.

You will also receive a follow-up call or email one or two weeks after your session.

EFT and Bach Flower Remedies Consultations

Many clients like to benefit from the energies of both EFT and Bach Flower Remedies, and it works holistically.

Both EFT and essence use release energetic blocks. In combination, they can have powerful, yet gentle, results. In the time following a consultation, the use of essences may surface emotions that can then be addressed with tapping.

If you choose this option, towards the end of the consultation, based on what we learn together, I will recommend one to three essences, providing a full explanation of why I’ve chosen them.

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. 

Rs 3,300/- only

Duration: 60 minutes

Pay Full
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