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compatibility match

Compatibility Match Through Astrology, Numerology and Graphology

This report will include analysis of a couple for the traits only related to compatibility.

What clicks between both of you and why, and if something doesn’t – then how we can work on it (or whether we really can?) with the help of astrology, numerology, graphotherapy & counselling.

The report covers details about how your health, wealth and relationship are going to be and exercises to make sure both synchronize with your goals in life.

Remedies will be provided to work on specific traits, if needed during counselling session.

This report also comes with 6 months support for Graphotherapy and Numerology exercises.

We believe that there are no good or bad relationships in this world. And have seen that the best of the predictions from world renowned astrologers don’t work. Hence, we work on both of your mindset and expectations so that you are able to understand and accept each other the way you are and the way you are not.

A true relationship only lasts on being in allowance of the new person you see each day in other than holding back to the old one you once liked.

Affordable Pricing

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Rs 10,000/- only

Duration: 6 months

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