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company logo graphology


The Company Logo, Symbol and Visiting card is basically the signature of the company. It reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Further, it is not only Logo which affects the performance but even the Fonts and colours you use in writing the Company name.

Important is not only the Logo but placement of your company Logo and Logo of your vendors (For a Trading Company), in all your stationery designs including name cards, in websites, advertisements etc wherever you use it.

I can inform weaknesses and strengths of the organization merely by a look on the visiting cards and can redesign the complete stationery as per Signature Science.

In my designs I try to see that all necessary strengths in your Company are above average and there are no weaker areas.


Get the logo analysis done for various purposes like:

  1. Selecting suitable employer or knowing in advance the work culture and stability of the company.
  2. Before selecting a major debtor to know how the company will be in terms of timely payments and long term business.
  3. Get your current logo analysed to know things that currently affect the growth of your business & have remedies on the same.

For Sr. No. 1, charges depend on the number of logos to be analysed and are nominal. Contact me to know the exact charges.

What is included in the fees

  1. Graphic designer fees
  2. 5+ design options to select from, in case you don’t have the logo already.
  3. Soft copy of stationery for your business like visiting card, envelope, letter head,
  4. Your logo file in various formats – CDR, JPEG, PDF, ai.
  1. Please note, the service will be deemed to be discharged once the CDR i.e. open file is mailed to you. Any changes later on will be charged separately by the logo designer.
  2. You have an option to hire your graphic designer, with whom I can coordinate. In that case, fees will be reduced by 10,000/- or graphic designer charges – whichever is applicable at the moment.
  3. Depending on the type of logo you require, the graphic designer as well as the consultation charges may vary, the mentioned fees are the minimum from which we start.

Your overall net earnings by way of improved turnover, profitability, productivity, reduction in wastage/theft/bad debts will improve tremendously post correction in your logo.

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. 

₹ 72,999/-


Delivery within 1 month

Pay in INR