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Highest Frequency Healing Level 1

HIGHEST FREQUENCY HEALING is result of my years of learning essence into 5 hours course. The processes and attunement will enable the practitioners to amplify the result any modality that they are using. If this is the first modality they are learning, then they will be able to clear the auras, chakras and spaces much faster – within seconds / minutes.


Key Highlights:

– Simple and effective healing techniques,

– Sacred geometry symbol attunement,

– Working with multiple people / groups / spaces simultaneously,

– Multiplying the power of any other modality 10x to 100x,

– Cleansing chakras & clearing auras within seconds / minutes,

– Space clearing and scanning for negativity / entities,

– Communicating with the entities,

– Neutralizing the effect of any negative entity / energies,

– Works quickly on pains, emotional, mental issues.

– Removes entities, black magic, and negativity from any person / space in seconds,

– Shows way forward for treatment of stubborn entities or places where there has been history of unhealthy existence since years.

Lifetime Access on Phone, Tablet, Computer + Detailed PDF Notes

Highest Frequency Healing

Affordable Pricing

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₹ 45,999/-

Includes Full recording of the course & Certificate of participation

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