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Learn Graphology

Graphology aka handwriting analysis is the study of graphs. A graph is made of dots, lines, and curves. So any formation which is made up by connecting dots, lines and curves can be analysed with the help of the principles of Graphology. Which includes not only handwriting of an individual but also his signature, scribbling, mandalas, drawings, logo of a company and much more.

In advanced levels (Level 3), we also cover how to suggest Graphotherapy for chakras balancing, Vaastu Dosha, healing for a particular disease etc and much more.

You will receive the course material which is developed and maintained as per international standards. The course is extensive and in tune with psychology.

You’ll become capable of doing handwriting analysis of any individual with greater accuracy and precision. No matter from which institute in the world you may have learned Graphology, the principles and notes shared will be a substantial addition to your existing  knowledge.


The course is beneficial for :
– Individuals who are keen to understand their core nature and reason behind it.
– Anyone with an interest in the field of psychology / counselling / human behavior / medical graphology / forensic graphology
– Entrepreneurs
– Healers
– People interested in understanding their life partners on deeper level,
– Aspiring life coaches.
– Teachers, Parents


Benefits of learning Graphology:

  • Helps you understand thoughts and feelings of anyone from a child to an adult.
  • Core conditioning of an individual from childhood and how it is playing now in their life.
  • Do a complete SWOT analysis of an individual.
  • Understand the approach towards personal relationships and work.
  • Understand the true desires occupying the person’s mind.
  • Know the hidden fears and anxieties affecting the person, especially those which cannot be openly expressed.
  • Know all things which cannot be known from a persons behavior, communication or even from their date of birth.


Areas which can be positively improved using Graphotherapy:

  1. Communication
  2. Spirituality & deeper connection with self
  3. Releasing past traumas and unwanted emotions
  4. Depression or anxiety
  5. Intuition
  6. Performance at workplace or in business
  7. Capacity to act on your goals with determination
  8. Anger, irritability and restlessness
  9. Balanced sexual drive
  10. Negative effects of planets in Astrology / Numbers in Numerology
  11. Negative effects of Vaastu doshas in your house
  12. Ability to maintain balanced state in bad times
  13. Getting out of negative state of mind quickly and regaining your balance
  14. Recurrence of health issues like Lungs infection, breathing, throat, diabetes, asthma, High or Low BP, obesity, weight gain and much more can be cured as well when mixed with other therapies like Astro-Bach Flower Remedies & medicines

Things You Will Learn

Level 1 - Basic Graphology

  • Introduction and scope of graphology.
  • Understanding Graphology as a Science
  • Concept of 0 and 1 programming.
  • Learn how to collect a Right Handwriting Sample
  • What Handwriting Can & Can’t tell
  • Ink Color Analysis in Graphology
  • Standard measuring system
  • Choice of Writing Instrument
  • Basic Gestalt:
    i. Margins,
    ii. Zones,
    iii. Size,
    iv. Spacing – Line, Words, Letters,
    v. Baseline,
    vi. Pressure – extensor & flexor, pastocity, club strokes,
    vii. Slants,
    viii. Connections – Letters, words, lines,
    ix. Strokes
  • Basic Traits – individual 26 letters.
  • Signature Analysis – basic

The syllabus is aimed at knowing yourself better, creating a better awareness of your own personality. All the tools required for effectively analysing a handwriting sample are shared right away.

Level 2 - Advanced Graphology

  • Recap of basic graphology
  • Journey of individual letters
  • Unusual formations meaning like – strokes, pastocity
  • Various type of letter formations and how to interpret their meanings (all 26 letters)
  • Know the Motor function of Brain and Handwriting.
  • Training on Graphological and Psychological schools of thought, Research Methodology and Case study.
  • Motor movement as decisive factor for manifestation of all expressive behaviors including Handwriting.
  • General Principles of movement pattern of strokes and its meaning.
  • Writing Rhythm/Speed & Slow writing
  • Interpretations of finer details, ambivalence.
  • Insincerity
  • Capital Letters
  • Specialization in Signature Analysis
  • Learning to analyse any script of any language.
  • Psychodiagnostic Graphology:
    a) Schizophrenia including paranoid, simple and catatonic types, Delusional disorder.
    b) Mood (affective) disorders including Mania, Hypomania, Bipolar affective disorder, Depression, Cyclothymia, Reactive Depression and Cyclic Depression.
    c) Neurotic, Stress related and somatoform disorder including Phobia, Panic disorder, Anxiety disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Dissociative disorder or Conversion disorder.
    d) Behavioral and Emotional disorders of childhood and adolescence including Hyper kinetic disorder(ADHD), Conduct disorder, Separation Anxiety disorder.
  • Medical Graphology
    a) Endocrinal disease/s
    b) Digestive disease/s
    c) Neurological disease/s
    d) Dermatological disorder/s
    e) Gynecological disorder/s
  • Graphotherapy
  • Guidance on how to prepare detailed Handwriting analysis & signature analysis report.
  • Guidance on how, when, where & which graphotherapy exercise to use.

The advanced graphology course covers analysis of individual letters and traits in handwriting in more detail. You will come to know about the writers house, finances, sexuality, food habits, family and relatives, surroundings etc.


You’ve reached the pricing plans. 

Level 1 – Basic Graphology

₹ 19,999/-

  • Attend full course
  • Doubt clearing for 15 minutes after each session
  • One doubt clearing session and one practice session (worth ₹ 12,000/-)
  • Access to Telegram group
  • Access to Recordings for 5 years (for online mode only)
  • Option to subscribe for monthly practice sessions will be offered at the end of the course.
Pay in ₹


Pay $555
Level 2 – Advanced Graphology

₹ 27,999/-

  • Attend full course
  • Doubt clearing for 15 minute after each session
  • One doubt clearing session and one practice session (worth ₹ 12,000/-)
  • Access to Telegram group
  • Access to Recordings for 5 years (for online mode only)
  • Option to subscribe for monthly practice sessions will be offered at the end of the course.
Pay in ₹


Pay $666