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Write Your Own Horoscope Manually – From Basic to Advanced

In this 4 hour of FREE Online Session, you will learn

How the Ascendant is calculated

How the Nakshatra is calculated

Movements of Planets

How is the position of the zodiac and Planet mapped on the birth chart?

What are Birth Chart and Cusp Chart, why do we consider the Cusp chart?

Just by looking at the birth chart, how to arrive at the month and time of birth.

And many more…

You will learn how the Birth Chart is cast. This is very important for those who want to learn Astrology and will clear all the basic questions who have about Astrology.

Contents of The Course:

Section 1: Introduction to Astrological Terms:

Introduction to Zodiacs (Rashi Mandala)

Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra)

Tamil Panchang Month and Gregorian Month


Why Ascendent change from person to person

Nakshatra Pada (Constellations stages)

Planetary positions at the time of birth

Horoscope View


Section 2: Introduction to Panchanga i.e. Astrological Calendar

What is Panchanga?

Astrological terms used in Panchanga


Section 3: How to cast a Horoscope Manually

Steps and data required for casting a horoscope

What is LMT (local mean time)

Calculating LMT

Finding Surya Udhayathi Nazhigai – 1

Surya Udhayathi Nazhigai – 2

Ascendent calculation (Finding panchanga Date – 1)

Ascendent calculation (Ascendent availability – 2)

Ascendent calculation 3 (balance calculations)

Finding Ascendent

Lagna Nakshatra Pada calculation

Nakshatar Pada Calculation 2

Dasha Period Calculation 1

Dasha Period Calculation 2

Finding the Nakshatra Pada of Sun and Mars

Finding the Nakshatra Pada of Mercury, Jupitar and Venus

Finding the Nakshatra Pada of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu

Complete Horoscope

Life Time Dasha Period


Section 4: How to Form Navmansha Chart

Navmansha Chart Basic Rules

Sample horoscope for Navmansha chart

What You get AFTER attending the LIVE Session:


Cheat Sheets

Mind Map


Community Access

Special Invitations

Date: Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Time: 19:00 IST

Mode: Online (ZOOM Video Conferencing)

Format: LIVE (recordings will be provided only to those who attend live)

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