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Drawing Analysis Workshop

The subconscious mind understands the language of graphs. And graphs are made up of dots, lines and curves i.e. drawing. Thus, through drawing an individual communicates his subliminal thoughts related with the components incorporated into it. Drawings uncover the identity in a very subtle way since the individual expresses through symbols.

Thoughts which can’t be communicated in words get communicated as a symbol in drawing. So you can know the individual much better.

Drawing is the most effective tool to know the thinking of children. As they may not necessarily able to provide a sample for graphology.

Drawing analysis has also been used extensively in various fields like counseling, crime investigation, child development, recruitment of illiterate skilled labour etc.

Drawing analysis together with Handwriting Analysis is a perfect way of knowing a person inside out. While it is not necessary that you should know Graphology to learn drawing analysis, if you are a graphologist you can learn it faster and better.

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