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DNA Reprogramming through Violet Flame Workshop

You will be taught 8 minutes process to be done daily to heal any area of your life. This is a self to-do workshop, in which you will be taught how to work on yourself – without any external help.


Features of the DNA Reprogramming
– It is based on Quantum science, color therapy & sacred geometry
– A simple proven method to heal past & present life
– When you heal your parents’ life you are healed too and thereby your children’s life as well
– Creating better future is possible only after healing past life(s)


  • Heal roots of present life situations without any past life regression or external help
  • How to open the core cell to “Re-program the DNA”
  • How to heal and transform the accidents/deaths in the family
  • How to heal the negative patterns that we have been duplicating from our parents and ancestors
  • How to heal the seed of your Karma
  • Healing of Past Life
  • Healing any issue of present life since conception
  • healing your parents / family before you became part of them,
  • Healing your Money, Health, Relationship reality.

Affordable Pricing

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Includes Full recording of the course & Certificate of participation

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