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Destiny Engineering

The course is designed on 26 graphology exercises, DNA reprogramming daily process for 8 minutes and Numerology name correction. Which result in bringing below mentioned results in effortless and comfortable way with ease.

  1. You being in control of your emotions and moods,
  2. Getting rid of negative emotions & behaviors,
  3. Eliminating the habit of excessive & unnecessary thinking,
  4. Mentally and emotionally fitter you,
  5. Knowing your passion and following through to it,
  6. Living a result oriented life in effortless way
  7. Peak performance at work and family front,
  8. Being diplomatic & honest at right times,
  9. Better relationship with your family and spouse,
  10. Controlled and regulated sex drive,
  11. Managing your spending habits i.e. under or over spending,
  12. Cultivating the habit of saving money.
  13. Nullifying the effect past programming has on you.
  14. Tuning to favorable energies with numerology name correction. 15.Having a yearly routine in place for discarding the emotional baggage accumulated during the course of time.

Giving at least 30 to 45 minutes of undivided attention to the exercises for a minimum of 6 month is a must requirement of this course. There should not be a break of even one day during a set of 27 days exercises.

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. 

Includes 1 year + support and once a month zoom call with Sushant himself.

Pay ₹ 33,999/-


Pay $666/-