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Comprehensive Bach Flower Remedies Workshop

What is covered in the workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you would have learnt to treat yourself, others and discover:
1. Bach Fundamentals & How Bach Remedies Work
2. Little known facts about the flowers, essences and how they can help
3. How to identify your real feelings
4. Identifying exactly what causes you stress
5. Bach Self-Help Therapy and The Stress Wheel
6. Calmness and Control
7. Trusting Life & Trusting the Unknown
8. Handling The ‘Depression Viscous Cycle’
9. How to handle Dreamers. Living in the Future
10. How to handle Homesick. Living in the Past
11. Secrets behind Making Your Unique Mixtures
12. The right way to use the essences for instant results
13. How to boost self confidence and self esteem
14. How to overcome procrastination
15. How to overcome negative vicious circle of thoughts
16. How to have courage overcome known and unknown fears
17. How to handle emergency and highly emotional situation
18. How to adopt to new changes in life, work and body
19. How to break the pattern of repeated mistakes
20. How to overcome from the impact of emotional pattern
21. How to calm your pet
22. Different Ways to Take Essences
23. Taking right remedies
24. Mapping in Bach Flower Remedies
25. Application of Mapping
26. Further Steps & Guidance


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₹ 8,888/-

Includes Full recording of the course & Certificate of participation

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