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Do you want to help others and yourself in all kinds of emotional breakdowns?

Do you want to earn INR 20,000 t0 30,000 sitting at home by consulting 30 clients per month?

Do you want to start your business into alternative therapies with a respected and tested technique worldwide?

Did Bach Flower Remedies never worked for you in long term?



What is covered in the workshop?

Astrology has been used as an accurate tool for finding core issues in a person’s life to suggest tailor-made remedies for mental, physical & emotional issues for ages.

Bach Flower Remedies also work exceptionally well on the same front. Dr. Edward Bach who found a correlation between the remedies he discovered and the astrological zodiac signs in fact names his remedies as twelve healers associated with 12 planets.

Both Astrology and Bach Flower Remedies try and provide solutions to correct the internal and external vibrations. Understanding the correlation between Astrology & Bach Flower Remedies, therefore, becomes a potent tool in delivering Bach Flower Remedies at a deeper, more significant, and effective level.
Prior knowledge of Astrology is not necessary however knowledge of Bach Flower Remedies will be good but not mandatory.

We will also cover practical cases by selecting a minimum of 3 or more people from workshop participants on how to arrive at the complete course of remedies for 6 to 9 months.

After the workshop, you will be able to

Understand the placement of various planets in a person's chart.

Work on the root cause instead of the outer symptoms to bring long lasting results.

Understand the current major planetary positions in a chart & the required remedies which can be given for the same.

Suggest remedies basis from which house the issues is coming.

Suggest accurate Bach Flower Remedies for any current issues.

Suggest a course of minimum 6 months Bach Flower Remedies which has proven to bring noticeable, deep and long-lasting changes in clients from within.

Affordable Pricing

Reserve your seat by investing

Pay ₹19,999/-


Pay $333/-